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EARTH GARDEN is a supplier and retailer of a complete line of garden and landscaping products. These top quality products are in line with the general needs and latest trends in gardening and landscaping. We offer the following:

       > Trees
       > Palms (Date Palm, Royal Palm, Hawaiian Palm, etc.)
       > Ornamental Plants
       > Flowering Plants, Indoor Plants, Office Plants
       > Rare & Exotic Plants
       > Bonsai
       > Orchids
       > Grass (Blue Grass, Carabao Grass, Frog Grass, & Bermuda Grass)
       > Garden Soil
       > Assorted natural stones
       > Pebbles
       > Boulders (Greenstone, Monolith, etc.)
       > Stepping Stones
       > Driftwood
       > Fertilizers
       > Plant Pesticides
       > Pots and Planters
       > Gardening Tools
       > Garden Set
       > Garden Accessories
       > Garden Accents / Ornaments
       > Garden Lighting Systems
       > Garden Irrigation Systems
       > Water pumps and motors for landscape water features
       > Special Gift Items

To view the products that we have for sale, please go to this site's GARDEN SHOP. The Garden Shop features an online product catalogue that shows the items which you can ORDER or BUY from us. We also accept DELIVERIES.
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